Good day Team,
At present, we are using Batch Tickets for persons who wish to purchase tickets in advance, however, we are now rolling out the Credit Ticket System. This system involves a person or company's account being uploaded with the total amount of money that they paid. Each time they travel, it will deduct the senior fare value, for that particular route, from the total credit that is on their account. 
The process of using the credit system to issue a ticket is similar to that of issuing a batch ticket. The two (2) difference to this process is; (1) after selecting the company/individual (that is travelling) and putting in the route and time of travel and the pop-up box comes up for you to enter the batch code, you would change the "Payment Source" from Use Batch Ticket to Use Credit. (2) For persons travelling on a company account, they will be required to present a Letter of Authorization for them to travel on the company's account. This may be in the form of a physical letter or an email, which must be placed in the agents' daily sales report.
Please note that at present we have Bertram Clarke and UTech on the Credit System and we will be phasing in other clients to this system. Please free to contact me with any further questions and clarifications.

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